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Hospitality Marketing PR

We are a full-service marketing, events, content and brand engagement agency specialized in food & beverage.

RARE Creative F&B Marketing/PR brings brands, people and marketing expertise together to shake things up! Our approach is RARE and Relevant.


Our expertise lies in the catogories:

  1. Social Media management
  2. Social Media planning
  3. Social Media content creation
  4. Social Media advertising
  5. Writing, sending and monitoring of press releases
  6. PR stunts & activations
  7. Relationmanagement media, bloggers & influencers
  8. Set-up of mediapartnerships
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Your product or service has multiple audiences that need you for different reasons. RARE ensures engagement with all groups through a tailor-made approach. Buyers, sellers, food lovers, cocktail shakers, health freaks, managers, chefs: we know them, we tell them & we connect them. We do this by understanding the relationship that people have with food and drinks. Experiences, emotional values, habits, rituals and geographical backgrounds play an important role in the choice of people for a specific product. We put our knowledge into practice with mind blowing stories that connect people with brands.

We act like F&B consultants because we love food; we understand food; we drink in our dreams.