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Culinary concepts and events for real foodies

In our RARE Culinary Events department, we cook our work ‘well done’. Event-designing flows through our veins. We are always on the hot plate and can cook any event to order.

We organize large-scale public culinary events such as Taste of Amsterdam and Butcher’s Heaven. We organise our own events but are also happy to do the work for your event. Over the years, with the gained experience, we have had the pleasure of working with many different partners – all with their own qualities and garnishes. Event organisers request our help with organising their event in the following categories:

  • PR & Marketing
  • Sales & Sponsorfinding
  • Organisation/operational assistance
  • Content creation
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Organizing an event is more than checking the boxes of a to-do list. Of course, we will check all the boxes, but we believe that working with different partners and connecting them is still the best recipe. We know how to select and connect with the right partners. We like to share our passion with them, to team up and enjoy food together. This completes the full culinary experience!

Want a taste of our expertise on culinary events?