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Winter BBQ – Smokey Festivals


Jord Althuizen won’t stop: Smokey Goodness Winter BBQ Festival was a fact! Smoking BBQs, tender meat and a crisp fresh book! Jord thought a book launch sounded boring and preferred the idea of a festival with Winter BBQ food, sharp knives, beer and fun. And so, on October 13 the ultimate grill master celebrated his fourth book with an uber-food feast at ‘Buiten in de Kuil’ in the natural setting of the beautiful Lage Vuursche, together with the culinary event specialists from RARE.

The day started at 12.00, fires were started, grills were turned on, beers were cold and Jord’s movie about the adventures in Lapland was rolling. The real Smokey goodness fans wanted to enter the festival before opening and could not wait to taste the delicious dishes that were prepared for them. Wild Boar Stew, Raclette Burgers, Gin-Fish Blinis, Jagerberry Spare-Ribs and do not forget the ultimate Motherload Brownie! There were nothing but positive comments about these amazing bites.

During the day, the festival was a great succes with the guys of Doc Curran playing, fires roaring and Jord singing Frozen in the background.

At the end of the day, the event continued and changed into the ultimate Bierfest, completely in Smokey Oktoberfest style. Dirndls, Lederhosen, pints of beer, Pretzels, Sauerkraut and a whole lot of meat made the guests enjoy a real Jord Althuizen party. Multiple Schlager artists performed to give it that extra Oktoberfest fun which resulted in the conga dance with the team ok smokey Goodness up front.

Reading about this would probably create some curiosity about why this was such a success? We could highly recommend to get the book and try some of these beautiful yet rough and creative dishes for this coming winter. Why? Jord knows why!

Date 13th October 2018
Time 12.00 - 23.00
Location Buiten in de Kuil, Lage Vuursche
Type Book launch: Smokey Goodness - Winter BBQ
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