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Ketel 1 Jenever/Bar de Vlieg

Classic jenever bar in the city center of Amsterdam

To bring back the restaurant to the forefront of Amsterdam insiders minds in this touristic area of the city.  With it’s rich history d’Vijff Vlieghen should not be forgotten.

For four months starting from the 1st of December 2017, the famous Amsterdam restaurant d’Vijff Vlieghen and the Nolet Distillery from Schiedam  joined forces and opened a pop-up bar called: Bar de Vlieg. On the menu, a nice selection of drinks from the assortment of the 325 year-old distillery, with matching bites from d’Vijff Vlieghen. Both Dutch brands have a rich history and have been successful for years nationally as well as internationally. RARE invited press and organized promotional events in the bar.

Bar De Vlieg is still here and now an established part of d’Vijff Vlieghen! A new audience is visiting the restaurant and bar because of this initiative: the millennial crowd from Amsterdam. They are very surprised about the interior and story of this place.

Location Spuistraat 294, Amsterdam
Open Wednesday - Sunday
Distillery Hoofdstraat 14, Schiedam
More info about Bar de Vlieg