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De Nationale Foodtruck Dag 2020

Buurtkeukens is an initiative that started when COVID-19 made its introduction to the world. After Jeroen Janssen placed a food truck in his neighbourhood at the beginning of March, to help this entrepreneur to his necessary revenue, it created a need for togetherness in the neighbourhood. Through buurtkeukens.nl you can easily arrange a food truck for your neighbourhood and help a food truck entrepreneur at the same time. The past year, more than 600 neighbourhoods have invited food trucks through The Netherlands.

De Nationale Foodtruck Dag is a returning event and will take place every year in October. The goal is to place food trucks in as many neighbourhoods and other locations as possible on this Nationale Foodtruck Dag. All COVIC-19 proof of course. With this day we want to create awareness of the fact that food trucks can be placed all year through and not only during the summer months. Sun, rain or snow, the “food truck chefs” are always ready to cook for you with great passion and pleasure. Certainly, in a time like this, these entrepreneurs could use our help and promotion.

RARE was responsible for the sales, marketing and pr of this event that took place on the 24th of October 2020. The writing and sending of press releases, personal contact with the media and cooperation’s with media, bloggers and influencers where the main responsibilities. Next to that, RARE dived into its own database of personal relations with food truck entrepreneurs that were created over the years to help them join this initiative.

De Nationale Foodtruck Dag was a great success and placed over 35 food trucks in neighbourhoods all over The Netherlands. The initiative was mentioned on multiple culinary platforms, in Dutch newspapers and radio shows. Next to that, Omroep Flevoland and RTV Utrecht came to neighbourhoods on the day itself to place this initiative in the spotlight on tv. The reactions of the different neighbourhoods and the food truck entrepreneurs were full of enthusiasm and this day will once again take place in 2021!

Date 24th of October 2020
Organised by Buurtkeukens & RARE
Responsibilities RARE Sales, marketing and pr of the event
Have a look at Buurtkeukens.nl