We might be RARE, but we cook our work well done

We are a dedicated team of people who share one thing that they are passionate about: food and beverage! We love working on projects but most of all we seek for long-term partnerships. We want to help build iconic brands, products and businesses. We eat, breathe and live food. We are spotting trends, launch products, drive culinary innovation and find new creative ways to reach your customers. We feed your brand, fuel your strategy and drive your business!



Henk-Jan Kakebeen

Master of all that is RARE

Guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, chocolate mousse, chocolate muffin, chocolate whatever…

If I would be a drink, what would I be?

A glass of Chateau D’Yquem  powerful and sweet

Why am I a foodie?

Because food is the ingredient that binds us together


Julia Schols

Mayor of Marketing

Guilty pleasure?

A tiny (or big) spoon in the Nutella jar

If I would be a drink, what would I be?

According to several tests… a Whisky Coke with a beer on the side

Why am I a foodie?

If you think about lunch and dinner at breakfast… you’re a foodie right?


David van den Noord

Captain of Relation'ships'

Guilty pleasure?

Oh so many but if I have to choose I will go for a “bittergarnituur” because I still have a choice what to pick.

If I would be a drink, what would I be?

I would be a good glass of vintage champagne. Aged but still sparkling.

Why am I a foodie?

Do I need a reason?  

Work for RARE

Jobs and Traineeships

Partners in crimeGastro influencers
Trend spottersCulinary innovatorsStory tellers
Chef admirersBrand activatorsFestival guru's
Food concept developersEvent managers